Ever since her split from Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams has been living the single life — and she opened up to Seth Meyers about what it takes for a man to grab her attention in this new interview!

Wendy Williams has been casually dating since her split from Kevin Hunter earlier this year, but she won’t date just anyone. “He’s got to have grown children,” Wendy said on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Sept. 12. “I’m not dealing with a five-year-old calling me mommy. Get out of here with that! A freshman in high school needing help with homework? Get out with that!” Oh, and if there are grown children, they should not be living at home. “You need to live by yourself,” she said, of her future suitor. “So we can hang at your house or my house. There’s no one at my house but me. I turn that key and it’s so refreshing!”

As for an age range, Wendy admitted that she needs someone “to be at least in [their] 50s, or maybe 48 plus.” She also reiterated the fact that she wants to be a “wife,” not a “girlfriend,” which she has been saying in various interviews since her breakup. Wendy confirmed that so far, she hasn’t had to be set up by anyone, because she’s either approached men herself or gotten approached by them. And when it comes to dating apps…she’s totally down! “I haven’t been on Tinder or whatever else,” she revealed. “But I’m open to that!”

Wendy has been making the press rounds ahead of the new season of The Wendy Williams show, which premieres on Sept. 16. In addition to her dating life, she’s also opened up a lot about her split from Kevin after more than 20 years of marriage. The breakup came after Kevin’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to his child earlier this year.

Wendy has confirmed that Kevin had a baby, and made it clear that she’s NOT okay with it. “Infidelity is one thing,” she said on The View. “A full baby is a whole other topic! I’m not changing Pampers — I want to be pampered!” It certainly seems like she’s doing JUST fine on her own!