They went and did it this time…

As we reported earlier on Thursday, the Cats trailer just debuted — and users all across Twitter REALLY have some strong reactions after watching it!

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Today’s trailer marked the first time we could really watch Taylor Swift and her co-stars in full-fledged cat makeup and costumes, and it was something to see… both for the sheer entertainment value of how good a musical it could be, and for those who saw it as more of a train wreck trailer.

It’s not just Taylor who was drawing attention here, either… both Jennifer Hudson and Idris Elba play anthropomorphic felines in the movie as well — which itself is sort of a bizarre, over-the-top, straight-faced version of the iconic 1980s musical.

For those not in the know, there’s almost no way this trailer wouldn’t come across as weird in some regards. The original plot to Cats is, um, interesting… to say the least; the play was originally based on an old T.S. Eliot work called Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. The musical tells the story of the Jellicles — a specific tribe of cats who have to make the “Jellicle choice” one night, and decide which cat they will send to the Heaviside Layer (a layer of atmosphere 90-150 miles above the earth’s surface) so that cat may come back to a new life.

No, seriously. It’s… uh… unique!!! Ultimately, there were a LOT of interesting and uncertain reactions to Cats, the movie trailer, and we are here for all of ’em — good, bad, ugly, and indifferent! That includes those unafraid to call out the inevitable furries who come out as fans, those confused by the original play’s bizarre plot we just outlined, and SO many more reactions to all of it (below):

Cats movie reaction
Surely not EVERYONE, right?! / (c) @JennyENicholson/Twitter
Oh nooo! / (c) @N8_K_W/Twitter
Cats Movie Reaction
Are they cats? Are they furries? What ARE they?! / (c) @r_g_a_r_d_n_e_r/Twitter
Doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong with this! / (c) @FactsDevito/Twitter
Cats movie reaction
Ouch! That’s just cruel… but you had it coming, ScarJo!! / (c) @ActuallyEmerson/Twitter


Those sure are quite the reactions to the trailer, y’all… but do you agree with them???

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What do YOU think about the Cats trailer?! What do U think the upcoming movie is going to be like?! Sound OFF about everything Cats-related and then some in the comment section (below)!!!

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