As will surprise no one, I am just about hyperventilating waiting on the new season of The Crown. And on Monday, I found out my suffering ends in November. The 17th to be exact, as we finally have an air date! Not only do we have an air date – we have a teaser. 21 glorious seconds in which we get nothing more than the afore mentioned air date and a glimpse of Olivia Coleman taking the reigns (tee-hee) as QEII. And, by gum, it’s all I need… for now:

I won’t go ape-sh-t over a mere 21 seconds and one troubled glace at the camera. I could, mind you, but I won’t. But I’m a big fan of the way Netflix teases this series. They know they’ve cast the right people (Tobias Menzies TBD) so they don’t need to remind us how amazing Olivia and Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret) are going to be. Instead they set the tone of the season with that one glance. I’ve mentioned before that I am not as familiar with the period the next two seasons will cover. I know the IRA and Lord Mountbatten stuff pretty well, but I only have a cursory understanding of the rest of the challenges Queen Elizabeth faced, like the Aberfan landslide. Wouldn’t matter if I’d written my thesis on this period, though, I’d devour the series regardless (I still blame John Lithgow for my addiction).

I’m a little disappointed that, as of this writing, we have no new production stills on Twitter (I’ll update if they get posted). I mean, give me something to get through the next three months. You know, I need a way to make new friends in my new city, maybe a viewing party for The Crown is just the way to do that. We could do themed food and drink, paper mache corgis, costumes… too much? Yeah, you’re probably right *takes off sash and cardboard crown.*

Photo credit: Sophie Mutevelian via Netflix Press, via Twitter, YouTube and WENN Photos

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