People Magazine has a feature inside Soleil Moon Frye’s farmhouse in Hidden Hills, where she lives with her husband of 11 years, Jason Goldberg, and their four children: daughters Poet, 13, and Jagger, 11, and sons Lyric, 5, and story. She’s has a sparse, open and rustic aesthetic with a lot of white linen furniture and space to move. Soleil touts her family’s outdoor lifestyle and togetherness and the home is designed around that. She’s likely trying to sell it, which is what these kind of features usually indicate. I like more stuff around and I love midcentury modern and more contemporary furniture, but this is Soleil’s hippie style (her words) and it’s very much her. It looks super relaxing. She also has a clawfoot tub in her bathroom, which works for her and was obviously a feature she requested! You can see the video of her home on People’s site and here’s some of their article about it. I’ve screenshot some of it below:

“The hippie girl in me is back to her roots!” says [Soleil Moon Frye], who decamped with her family from central L.A. to a 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom abode in Hidden Hills, California, last December.

“I always dreamed of living in a farmhouse, and I stumbled upon this magical place,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “To be outside the city, we can just be grounded in nature. And that’s really important for the kids.”

That also means her and producer husband Jason Goldberg’s two daughters, Poet, 13, and Jagger, 11, and two sons, Lyric, 5, and Story, 3, have more green time than screen time. “They’re outside all day,” says Frye, 42. “They climb trees and have picnics. I find critters and geckos in little buckets. It’s so fun for them to be able to dig in the dirt and get messy. I love that my kids have space to fulfill their imaginations.”

[Soliel]… says her bohemian roots shine through in one of her favorite features in the house: a Waterworks bathtub that stands in the middle of the master bedroom. “I’m sure not everybody is comfortable taking a bath in their bedroom, but I am!”

[From People]

I’ve seen home design shows where people put tubs in their bedrooms out in the open like this, it’s not completely out of the ordinary. I know her home is staged for showing and she’s likely removed a lot of personal items, but where is the rug for that tub? She’s got hardwood floors in her bedroom so having a tub there is a recipe for water damage. Hopefully the floor around the tub is treated with a water protectant. I’m not a modest person so I wouldn’t mind having a tub in the bedroom for that reason, but why not just stick it in the master bathroom a few feet away? She has such an open floor plan that she probably has to store her towels and bath items in the bathroom anyway. (Or out in the open, we’re just not seeing them as they’re stashed. I do that when people come over and the drawers end up a mess.) In my dream bathroom there will be a jet tub and a shower with a seating area and a couple of different shower heads! I still think about Anthony Mackie enthusing about his aromatherapy shower because I want all that fancy bathroom sh-t. My dream bathroom similarly has gorgeous tiling and a tufted bench to apply makeup. Oh and Soleil also has a furnished yurt in the backyard where she meditates. A yurt is not on my dream house list but I wouldn’t turn one down.