Following Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s recent arrest after an alleged fight with Jen Harley, the on/off couple are OVER, and this time, it’s for good, according to a new report.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley have mutually decided to end their relationship, according to TMZ. The decision comes less than one week after Ronnie was arrested following an alleged altercation with Jen. TMZ reports that Ronnie and Jen are both concerned about the safety and well-being of their 18-month-old daughter, Ariana, which is why they separately came to the conclusion that the relationship is over. The latest alleged domestic dispute between Ronnie and Jen took place Oct. 4 at an AirBnb that they were renting in Los Angeles. Police arrived at the scene in the middle of the night after being contacted for a “battery call,” they confirmed. Ronnie was Tasered by police before being taken into custody.

Following Ronnie’s arrest, he was hit with an emergency protective order by the LAPD. The order requires Ronnie to stay at least 100 yards away from Jen, and it expires on Oct.11. If Jen wants to extend the period of time that Ronnie must keep his distance from her, then she must file for a temporary restraining order by the time the protective order lifts. The temporary restraining order will be good for 21 days, L.A. family lawyer, David Pisarra, explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Once those three weeks are up, Ronnie will have a chance to defend himself at a court hearing, after which a judge will determine if the order should be made permanent. There are no stipulations regarding Ariana in Ronnie’s current protective order.

During Ronnie and Jen’s fight, he allegedly “dragged” Jen across the driveway and chased her out of the house with a knife, all while holding Ariana in his arms, according to TMZ. Jen was photographed with visible bruises on her shoulder on Oct. 7, which she reportedly claims were given to her by Ronnie during the altercation. However, sources close to the Jersey Shore star told TMZ that Jen actually obtained the bruises from jumping over a fence and “throwing herself to the ground and clinging to Ronnie as he tried to get back into the house with the baby.”

Of course, this is not the first time that Ronnie and Jen have insisted that they’re done “for good.” They’ve had an extremely volatile relationship over the last year and a half, and have broken up and gotten back together quite a number of times. Police have also been involved in the past, as Jen was arrested twice (once in 2018 and once in 2019) for alleged violent incidents. Her 2018 arrest stemmed from her allegedly dragging Ronnie down the street with her car, and her 2019 arrest came after she allegedly threw an ashtray at him and injured his face on New Year’s Eve.

Still, the pair attempted to make things work, and were even on good terms just hours before Ronnie’s Oct. 4 arrest. On the evening of Oct. 3, Ronnie and Jen attended an event together, and he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he had “strong love” for the mother of his child. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s really over “for good” this time.