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These photos of the Duke of York in the car with Queen Elizabeth II are from this weekend, in Scotland. Prince Andrew was one of his mother’s first visitors to Balmoral, and he took his mom to church and of course they were photographed. It’s just another reminder that Andrew is her favorite, and that the Queen does the most to help him, to shield him and to protect his image. And seeing as how this was the first time we saw Andrew after Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious in-custody death, well… it’s telling. Anyway, enjoy this Daily Beast piece which makes the argument that Epstein’s death actually hurts Andrew in the long-term, lol.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death could create a whole new raft of problems for Prince Andrew, who reportedly heard the news of Epstein’s death while holidaying at his mother’s Balmoral estate in Scotland. In court papers unsealed hours before the billionaire’s death, Andrew was accused of having sex with a 17-year old Epstein sex slave and groping the breast of another 21-year old victim of Epstein’s during a party.

Reports suggest that the investigation into Epstein will now focus with fresh intensity on Ghislaine Maxwell, who as The Daily Beast revealed, was a close pal of Andrew’s and a regular guest at his apartment in Buckingham Palace. Ghislaine sought to provide young women for Andrew to have sex with in London, our sources told us.

A legal source tells The Daily Mail: “Ghislaine is the key to all this now that Epstein will no longer face justice himself. The victims deserve answers and she was the person closest to Epstein. Far from being the end to Prince Andrew’s problems, Epstein’s suicide could put him under renewed scrutiny because of his close friendship with Ghislaine.” Andrew, Ghislaine and Maxwell were described to The Daily Beast by a guest at one of Epstein’s parties at his palatial Manhattan townhouse as “a trio, a little coterie, a party within the party, the insiders among the other guests.”

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, may also face renewed questions about accepting £15,000 from Epstein in 2010, when he was already a convicted pedophile on the sex offender’s register. She later apologized for what she termed “a gigantic error of judgment,” saying that she had been blinkered by financial desperation. She has, however, never said if or when the money was paid back.

Prince Andrew’s team have always said he denies any impropriety with underage females, yet have never been able to explain just why he was photographed walking with Epstein in Central Park in 2010 after Epstein was released from prison. Only two people knew what they were talking about that long ago day, and one of them is now dead. The chances of us ever finding out the truth of this episode in the life of the queen’s favorite son are getting closer to zero, but the questions facing him will not go away.

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Yeah, all of that is true – that there will still be speculation and Andrew will face some renewed criticism and examination, but… now it’s Andrew’s word against a dead man’s. Now Andrew is the one who gets to summarily deny everything. Granted, his victims will still tell their stories, but Andrew will say “no, she’s mistaken, it was ALL Epstein, not me.” Blame it all on the dead guy. Convenient.

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