Piers Morgan, 54, hit out at Bryson DeChambeau’s “snail-like antics” after he took more than two minutes to hit a 70-yard chip.

In view of his 6.74 million Twitter followers, Piers shared a clip of Bryson missing his shot.

He wrote: “And after all that he missed the b***dy putt! [Angry face emojis].

“You’re destroying golf @b_dechambeau with your snail-like antics.

“Either speed up & stop being so wilfully disrespectful to spectators, viewers & other players – or quit & spare us this agony.”

According to reports, broadcasters said the putt was “a pretty straightforward shot,” but it still took the golf star over three minutes to execute.

Bryson has since responded to the criticism, telling ESPN: “When people start talking to me about slow play and how I’m killing the game, I’m doing this and that to that game… that is complete and utter you-know-what. That’s not fair.”

He added: “People say things behind people’s back all the time and if they want to talk about it to my face, I’ll gladly explain the whole situation.

“Because the way the PGA Tour policy is now for pace of play is not good the way they define it.

“They define it as the amount of time it takes to hit a shot.”

Elsewhere on the same day, Piers also hit out at animal hunters who were filmed shooting a lion.

Piers shared the video from Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds Twitter page.

She wrote: “Sorry to share such a distressing video on #WorldLionDay. There can be zero excuse or justification for such cruelty.

“There are thought to be just 20,000 lions now left in the wild. We must do better.”

Piers commented on the video, writing: “This is so DISGUSTING.

“Listen to these pathetic cowards chortling.

“I’d love to see them try hunting this lion without their guns, then we’d see how brave they are.”

This week, Piers also addressed reports regarding his apparent two-stone weight loss.

An article claimed Piers had shed the pounds, due to his neck and face looking “slimmer”.

The piece also included a picture of his Peloton exercise bike recently, alluding to the “secret” of his success.

Revealing he was surprised to hear about the news, he captioned the snap: “I have????!!”

He joked: “Wow, this is great news. My torso will be so surprised to hear it too. Thanks @woman___magazine!”