As I covered last week, Naomi Watts is covering Shape Magazine, where she’s promoting her shows and her skincare boutique, Onda Beauty, which she started with two friends. She describes her products and skincare routine in Shape, which you can read there. At first I was confused by that, because she mentions so many different products which aren’t from a single line. Onda doesn’t have their own line though, they just sell very high end, expensive and natural/clean type products. In their mission statement they include this, about the differences in skincare between the US and Europe. They open by saying that many people try to eat clean and organic food and use green cleaning products, and that we should be aware of what we’re putting on our skin too:

Currently over 1300 ingredients have been banned for use in beauty products in Europe, while the USA has only partially banned 11 ingredients​.

​ONDA is co-founded by Larissa Thomson, Sarah Bryden-Brown and Naomi Watts.

Long-time friends, we believe in the power of the clean beauty movement and hope to convert as many people as possible to switch to clean personal and beauty products for the benefit of themselves, the environment, and the passionate founders who create the transformational products that make our world a better place.

[From Onda Beauty]

This is true and I’ve actually had conversations about this. It’s prohibitively hard to ban chemicals in personal care products in the US and the opposite is true in the EU, companies have to get approval for all new chemicals. There are only 11 chemicals banned in the US for personal care products. The EPA is in cahoots with the chemical industry in the US, and it’s particularly bad now that the Trump administration has declared war on basic human rights in favor of corporate profits. They’re trying to move the USDA to Kansas City so they can gut it! You may have heard about how they’re refusing to ban or even put warnings on the weed killer Roundup, which has been banned in Germany and 13 other countries.

Regardless the products on the Onda Beauty site are super expensive! The cheapest item on their homepage is a day oil by Marie Veronique for $65. I’m not their target market at all. I don’t think Watts is being a Goop-level shill, she’s just recommending what she uses and likes and it’s naturally more expensive because she can afford it. Plus they want to make money, I don’t blame them.

I used to live in Germany. My favorite drugstore, DM, has store brand face serum for under three euro! (If you go to Germany stock up on Balea skincare from DM.) My daily face wash costs less than a euro and it’s as good as $12 face wash in the US. The markup on drugstore products in the US is insane.

You don’t have to get German products to get high quality and inexpensive skincare, even serums. You can get natural and pure ingredients from more affordable product lines like Eve Hansen, Cosmedica, Tree of Life, Eva Naturals and more. So while I love skincare and probably would splurge on myself if I could afford it, I think that the more accessible lines are likely just as good.

They have a new treatment room in their NY Tribeca location. They’re also in Sag Harbor.