The 2019 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

My day-pass with the Snake Fam is clearly over, and it’s time to go back to being unsettled about all things involving Taylor Swift. First, the fashion. Taylor walked the carpet at the Billboard Music Awards last night wearing this Raisa Vanessa Spring 2019 ice skater-esque minidress. The ruffles, my lord. This is the aesthetic for Nu Taylor, or 2019 Tay – ruffles and pastels, sugary girlishness. There were jokes about her looking like Tonya Harding. I mean… if the ruffle fits.

Taylor was the big “get” for the Billboard Music Awards. She dropped her new music just in time to schedule herself as the opening act for the BMAs, and of course she and Brendon Urie performed “ME!” The thing is though… the music video for “ME!” was classic juvenile Taylor – rainbows and pink and kittens and butterflies. And it came out after Beyonce dropped Homecoming on Netflix – Homecoming being the documentary/concert film of Bey’s 2018 Coachella performance, with a strong emphasis on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, complete with drumlines and marching band backup. Check out what Taylor did for her opening act at the BMAs:

This did not go over the way she hoped. When I saw that drumline, I immediately thought “really? So soon after Beyonce released Homecoming?” The Snake Fam is INSISTING that Taylor always did marching-band themed performances before Beyonce, but… this is not the first time I’ve thought that Taylor is doing a Becky version of whatever Beyonce has JUST done. And again, I wasn’t the only one to pick up on the Beyonce thing. Black Twitter had a field day with the hashtags #Mayochella and #Homegoing.

Incidentally, Taylor has been doing press for her new music this time around – she’s no longer doing the Beyonce-esque “I will not speak on my own behalf” thing anymore. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Radio Beats 1, Taylor talked about her dark snake aesthetic and how it was “a reflection of how she felt as a person” and that “a lot had happened over the years which had made her feel terrible….I was defiantly putting up a defense mechanism because I was reflecting on this persona that had been constructed for you… At the beginning of the album, there was no explanation, just ‘Reputation’. I stuck with it and didn’t go back on it. I didn’t feel like I owed that to anyone. There was a lot that happened and made me feel really terrible in the last few years.” The fact that it’s been three f–king years and she can’t even take one slice of ownership with what happened really speaks volumes. Let the #Mayochella hashtag fly, y’all.

2019 Billboard Music Awards

2019 Billboard Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

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