Madonna is very rich and she DGAF. She’s not waiting around for “friends” to throw her a birthday party. She’s going to throw HERSELF a birthday party for her 61st year on this earth. And not only will she throw herself a party, she’ll dress up like a four-star general of a one-woman military junta. As one does for their b-day, I mean, come on. Why wouldn’t you dress up in pantsless military regalia for your 61st?? Here’s more from Madge’s birthday celebrations:

Madonna celebrated her 61st birthday the only way a Material Girl could. Madge hosted a lavish birthday party with friends and family at Madame X in New York on Friday evening, when she partied all night long with 150 guests, the majority of which were performers from her forthcoming eponymous “Madame X” tour, an insider told Page Six. Her latest tour kicks off in September at the BAM opera house in Brooklyn.

Madame X herself dressed in a four-star army general’s uniform and kicked off the party at 10 p.m. and “went late,” an insider shared. Our source also said Madonna’s friend Francesco Panella catered the soiree. The “Vogue” singer’s group enjoyed an extensive menu that included platters of cacio e pepe, tuna tartare, pizza and more from Panella’s Antica Pesa and Feroce restaurants.

At one point, Madonna’s kids Stella, David, Estere, and Mercy took the mic and belted out Elton John’s “Your Song” in honor of their mom. Daughter Lourdes Leon also attended the event but appeared to skip the karaoke section of the party.

[From Page Six]

Cacio e pepe? Why is that everywhere these days?? I keep reading about people making or stanning cacio e pepe. Cheese-and-pepper was not a thing just two years ago, I swear. I’m also shocked that she had PIZZA there. Pasta and pizza… la Generalissima is back on carbs, people! Take note. Or maybe it was just a very special birthday present to herself – one slice of pizza for her 61st. Then she’ll spend the next year dieting it away. Also: I love that Lola came out for her mom’s birthday but refused to karaoke. Please. Lola is TOO COOL for any of that.

Photos courtesy of Madonna’s Instagram.