Lewis Hamilton, 34, displayed his affection for his bulldog, named Coco, in an Instagram upload and called her his “special girl”.

In the video, Coco can be seen excitedly running towards Lewis, after having some time apart due to the Formula One driver’s work commitments.

Panting heavily, the pet pooch wouldn’t stop jumping up at Lewis, as he cooed over her.

He captioned the sweet Instagram post: “After being away for a while, I finally got to see my dog Coco last weekend and this was her reaction.

“Now she’s usually the laziest dog and doesn’t move for nobody but she got so excited.”

He continued: “This means so much as I missed her more than anything.”

Lewis added: “Just wanted to share with you my special girl Coconut. #bestdog #bulldog.”

Panting heavily, the pet pooch wouldn’t stop jumping up at Lewis, in a sweet moment.

Many of his 11.9 million followers commented on his post, with one person writing: “Almost bursting with happiness this cute little Coco.”

Another said: “Awwww…. bless her! She sure missed her Papa…”

“Look at her happiness in seeing Daddy,” a third added.

Meanwhile, Lewis is back on home turf for the British Grand Prix this week.

The sportsmanuploaded a series of videos to his Instagram stories at the track, where he was greeted by hundreds of adoring fans.

Lewis seemed in disbelief at the amount of people in attendance, cheering and applauding him.

“Crazy home fans and it’s only Thursday,” he commented on the video.

In a news conference today, Lewis slammed the decision to air the British Grand Prix on the same day as the men’s single’s final at Wimbledon and England’s clash in the cricket World Cup final against New Zealand.

“What I don’t understand is why the organisers put the race on the same day as all these other big events. I really don’t understand it,” he said.

“But I hope in future that they put this on (its own) – this is such a special weekend that it needs all the focus of the whole country, not just a small amount.”

He continued: “I think people are going to be switching between channels on Sunday, not sure what to watch.

“Naturally I come here, there’s quite a few of us Brits but we come here to raise the flag and do the country proud, so I’m just going to try to play my part.”

“Priceless (she’s British but she lives in Los Angeles right now)”