Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian are all over each other… and it’s all about candy!!

The KUWTK stars are already butting heads in the teaser clip (above), showing off some of what might possibly be the first promo shots of season 17 of the fam’s popular reality TV show. And judging by the longtime bad blood over candy and chocolate that exists in this family (more on that below), the stakes are HIGH in this argument!

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It kicks off with Khloé Kardashian and Kim stopping by Kourt’s place to discuss the birthday party plans for North West and Penelope Disick … and as you can see almost immediately at the beginning of the clip, Kim immediately spots candy when she walks into the room!

“Oh my god, call the police, there is candy in here!” Kim jokingly yells, before Kourtney quickly drops into lecture mode and gives the girls an earful about the problems with eating candy. Her sisters aren’t trying to hear it, but their older sis won’t give up, telling the girls (below):

“You guys fill yourselves up with biggest, number one cause of aging. Don’t you just feel it, when you eat that, that it sucks the life and usefulness out of your skin? After I eat a piece of candy, I swear I feel like I have two drink two bottles of water. But there’s candies that are not disgusting and filled with chemicals!”


From there, the girls disintegrate into a conversation about candy and nutrition, with Kourt wanting to hold back from the sweets for Penelope and North’s joint birthday party. Thankfully, Kim’s common sense won out — sometimes you gotta let kids be kids and eat a few things that are bad for ’em — but it’s pretty clear that Kourt loves to get after her sisters over health food tips all the same!!!

It’s kind of ironic, though, isn’t it?! This is the same Kourtney that has that super-weird hangup over how to eat Kit Kat bars, as evidenced with that LEGENDARY video you must surely remember (below):

See!!! It’s all weird, all around — and yet somehow that woman can lecture her sisters on candy choices?! Nah, y’all… not in this house! LOLz!!!

What do y’all think about all these never-ending kandy kontroversies for the KarJenner clan, y’all?!

Sound off on Kourt, Kim, Kit Kats, and EVERYTHING candy-related in the comment section (below)!!!