It’s a full-blown SOS, everyone! The Jonas Brothers confirm that they’re BACK with new Carpool Karaoke and we’re all freaking out!

Excuse us while we’re freaking out! The Jonas Brothers confirmed a comeback with the announcement of their new single, “Sucker,” dropping March 1 at midnight, as well as a full week takeover of The Late Late Show with James Corden next week! The late night talk show dropped a teaser trailer of Nick, 26, Joe, 29, and Kevin, 31, joining James Corden, 40, in the iconic Carpool Karaoke car for what will no doubt be the best several minutes of our lives.

In the trailer, Joe first hopped into the car with James. Joe received a call, and asked James if he minded that they pick someone up. The guest? Youngest brother Nick! The three of them then stopped to pick up another guest, oldest brother Kevin! James then asked if what he thinks is happening is happening – the brothers collectively answered, “Yep, we’re back!” Okay, screaming forever.

The four of them then jammed out to a classic JB hit “Burnin’ Up,” and we think we’ll never get over it. They also dropped a sneak preview for new single “Sucker,” in the video, which will be the band’s first song after several years on a hiatus. Nick revealed that the band of brothers has kept this a secret for several months now – and honestly, how dare. We absolutely cannot wait for their new song – it sounded amazing in the preview!

We probably won’t get over this anytime soon, but you better believe we’re on the edge of our seats until midnight to hear the band’s newest song in several years! Plus, we’re definitely going to watch The Late Late Show with James Corden every single night next week to make up for the years without our Jonas Brothers!