The Chase star Jenny Ryan, 37, and Anne Hegerty, 60, were praised by Elstree studios in a tweet last week, but Jenny was left unimpressed with a Twitter user’s response. Elstree studios commented: “Happy #InternationalWomensDay to these 2 special Chasers, @anne_hegerty and @jenlion! “The Chase wouldn’t be what it is today without these intelligent and inspirational women. The Chase is on.” The user responded to the tweet, writing: “Do they make a cuppa for Mark [Labbett], Sean [Wallace] and Paul [Sinha]?”

Unimpressed by the user’s comment, Jenny hit back commenting: “Oh, do f**k off, Frank.”

Jenny’s co-star Paul weighed into the exchange, commenting: “I dare anyone to say to Anne ‘Make us a cuppa, love’ and survive with their face intact.”

The Vixen retweeted the tweet, prompting others to share their thoughts.

One user commented: “I wouldn’t fancy his chances saying it to @jenlion either!”

A second added: “Absolutely disgusting speaking to you like this.”

Jenny also shared her own tweet to mark the special day.

She commented: “I thought I’d list my top inspirational women for #InternationalWomensDay but the list got ridiculously long, and so I’ll just post the first line: 1. My mum. (There’s a long gap here before #2)”

Anne responded to the tweet, writing: “Can confirm Julia is very cool.”

Last month, The Vixen spilled all on a “creepy” fact about herself.

Jenny joined in with a conversation about strange habits after Kiri Ptichard-McLean, 32, tweeted her 14,000 followers saying: “I used to collect broken china as a child. Anyone else collect something utterly bizarre, and let’s face it — creepy, as a child?”

Comedian Rhys James, 27, shared his odd collection as a child, adding: “Little fake skulls. This will come as a surprise to no one.”

Jenny proceeded with her memories, writing: “I had a small collection of real skulls and bones, they lived on my ‘nature shelf’.

“One other exhibit was a mummified spider,” she added.

The Chase star was also quizzed on which Chaser she would like to face if she was a contestant on the show.

She replied: “None of them. They’re all quiz monsters!”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.