Jack Swagger Will Get KO’d … Says Factory Worker Opponent

5/10/2019 4:00 PM PDT


Jack Swagger is fighting a factory worker who weighed 330 pounds 3 months ago … and that regular dude, well … he says he’s gonna knock Swagger’s ass out cold.

The former college wrestling and WWE Superstar — government name Jake Hager — has his 2nd pro MMA fight Saturday at Bellator 221. Swagger DOMINATED his first opponent … submitting him in the 1st round.

Enter 6’2″, 265 lb. T.J. Jones — who holds down a 9 to 5 job at a meat factory in Kansas (yes, seriously) — and basically has no experience as a fighter (he’s 1-1). 

Almost everyone believes Bellator’s feeding Swagger a tomato to inflate his record — someone who can’t beat him.

Except Jones ain’t with that program.

“I honestly don’t think that he understands how fast I actually am,” Jones tells us … “The one thing that I’ve always been pretty blessed with is a super sweet left hook and a quick jab, and as soon as I land those, I think he’ll go into panic mode.”

Most fighter’s don’t reveal their fight game plan … but T.J. had no problem laying out the blueprint. 

“I’m gonna put my glove on his chin and he’s gonna go down. That’s the plan. We’re gonna find out what his wrestling knows about my power.”