Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family enjoy a flypast by the RAF at Trooping the Colour on Saturday 8 June 2019

Last week was an important week for the royal family. Important for all the wrong reasons. There was a shift, in real time, as the Queen tried to protect her favorite son, the Duke of York, and then another shift as the palace courtiers tried to protect the Queen and the crown. As if we couldn’t already tell by how Prince Andrew’s BBC interview went down, but the palace is being run by amateurs. Immediately following the catastrophic interview, the Queen tried to insulate Andrew and the palace wanted the story to be “the Queen believes him and the family supports him.” Then, suddenly, the story was “the Queen knows how bad it is and that’s why she decisively fired him.” Except the real story was that Charles threw a fit and basically ordered his mother to cut off Andrew. So “decisive.” So for a week, we’ve had shambolic messaging from the palace – Andrew’s office was shut down, yet the Queen went riding with him on Friday, a public show of support. The Queen keeps kneecapping her courtiers’ attempts to portray her as a decisive monarch who cut off a problematic son for cause.

For days we heard that the Queen had given her advance approval for Andrew’s interview, and that hers was the only approval he sought. Well, now that story is changing too, because the courtiers realize just how f–king awful all of this looks and I guess they’re trying to save the Queen from herself, or perhaps save one sliver of dignity for the future King Charles.

The Queen has scrapped plans to host a party for Prince Andrew to mark his 60th birthday in February. Instead, the monarch is said to be arranging a small family dinner for the Duke, according to The Sunday Times. His birthday is on February 19. The news comes just days after the Queen effectively sacked him from his royal duties at the behest of her eldest son in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. It has also emerged that Andrew’s bungled BBC Newsnight interview was not sanctioned in advance by the Queen.

‘The Queen did not give her approval. The fact that notion has somehow been put about has aggrieved people in the [royal] households. Andrew had a son-to-mother conversation, letting her know that he was planning to address the controversy, but without going into any details… What should have happened was the full palace process,’ a royal source told the Sunday Times.

Meanwhile, royal author Penny Junor said to the paper: ‘He’s absolutely finished. If Andrew is no longer representing or supporting the monarch in any capacity, or doing good charitably, what’s the point of him?’

The Queen is said to be ‘privately supportive’ of her second son but also ‘deeply frustrated’ that the scandal is overshadowing the rest of the family’s work.

[From The Daily Mail]

Guess what? Andrew told his mother about his plans to do the interview and she thought it was a good idea. She gave her approval. She even gave her approval for use of one of the fanciest rooms inside Buckingham Palace to conduct the interview. Emily Maitlis wrote – in her first-person account of how she scored the interview – that she and the BBC had been negotiating with the Palace communications people AND Andrew’s staff for months. And that just before Andrew sat down with her, he told Maitlis that he needed personal approval from the Queen, and he got it in short order. Now that his interview has blown up in everybody’s faces, they’re all trying to cover their own asses because they don’t want to look like the kind of incompetent a–holes who orchestrated one of the worst things to ever happen to the monarchy. All of this shifting blame and revisionist history has become a story unto itself, because it’s revealed how the palace is in disarray, and how they’re all f–king incompetent amateurs.

Oh and poor baby won’t get a big splashy birthday party! Jesus Christ, these people.

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