Wait — what did Thatcher just say about Derek?! Meredith’s dad made a triumphant return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on Jan. 31 and revealed a major secret about McDreamy!

After Richard urged Meredith to visit her father, Thatcher, during the Jan. 31 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, she finally found it in her heart to do so. Especially because he only had about a week to live, so Meredith swallowed her pride and cautiously made her way to Thatcher’s house, where they both reunited and spilled some major secrets. First, Thatcher told Meredith that he flew home to be with her upon hearing about Derek’s death. In fact, he said he was at Derek’s funeral, standing next to her “doctor friends”, but he didn’t approach her because he felt it would feel like it was “for him” and not her, so he refrained from doing so. Then, he said that he tried calling her multiple times after, but they never ended up connecting.

Later, when they were discussing how much they miss Lexie, Meredith revealed that she has another sister. Thatcher thought she was talking about his other daughter, Molly, but she corrected him and told him about Maggie. So that was the first time he ever found out that Richard and Ellis had a child together. But instead of getting upset, he said it was the “one good thing” that came from their romance. And Meredith seemed to agree.

Then, when Thatcher told Meredith that he wished he could have gotten to know her three children, she put her hands on his face and told him all about them. It was an emotional moment, and one that ended with Thatcher dying in Meredith’s arms.

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