‘One Day At A Time’ is a wonderful representation of so many people who are underrepresented on our screens. The Netflix show is a must-see & we talk to showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett about why!

While there are rumblings that Netflix may not renew the beloved show One Day At A Time on their streaming service, HollywoodLife.com had the opportunity to sit down with showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett to discuss why this show is so utterly important for so many people. Hopefully, this interview will prove why One Day At A Time should not only be renewed, but it should be binge-watched by everyone, because there truly is something that every single person can relate to. “We are covering a lot of groups that don’t often get to be the leads in their own stories, and we are just thrilled with the response from our viewers,” Gloria revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “It’s really a love letter to the Latinx experience, and the LGBTQ experience, and veteran experiences.”

Gloria, who not only is a co-showrunner on One Day At A Time, but also a guest star, loosely based the characters around her family, while also keeping with Norman Lear‘s original storyline for the sitcom, which aired from 1975-1984. “I really, mostly wanted to tell female stories and Lantinx stories. Mike (Royce) wanted to tell LGBTQ stories. Norman wanted to honor veterans. We kind of threw all of that into a blender and we were like, ‘Oh those people exist.’ We are just telling a real American narrative,” Gloria explained. The show was actually developed ahead of the pivotal 2016 presidential election, which has made telling these stories even more important, especially with the administration’s negative rhetoric about the LGBTQ and Latinx communities, specifically. “It feels really empowering to have a platform with which we can hopefully tell entertaining stories, but also stories about people that we love that are going through some struggles, and enlighten the community to let them know that there is also an alternative story than what you’re hearing from our administration right now,” Gloria added.

She continued, “This immigrant family is hardworking and loving. They loves their LGBTQ daughter, granddaughter, sister, and we have a Trans character this year that was so proud to have joined our military group. That came before this Trans ban again so listen, the man in there, he’s given us a lot to write about, but boy, I can’t wait till we can just write about them falling in love and Alex’s first kiss or something like that. Because right now, we have to deal with it because it’s what this family would be dealing with.” We highly recommend you tune in to One Day At A Time on Netflix and fall in love with this family (especially, the AMAZING, sassy Rita Moreno)!