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It was widely believed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on holiday last week. Both Princess Charlotte and Prince George had a week-long break from school, and the British papers widely reported that the family had hopped away for a private ski holiday. The family vacation was even one of the reasons cited for why Kate didn’t attend Meghan’s baby shower (lol). I kept expecting to see Kensington Palace release one or more family photos from the ski vacation, but nothing came out. So… would it shock you to hear that it sounds like Kate and the kids didn’t even go on vacation? They were apparently in Norfolk the whole time?

The Duchess of Cambridge treated her children to a half term swimming treat at a luxury spa last week. But ever glamorous, Kate was spotted in the pool wearing ‘full makeup, pearl earrings and her iconic engagement ring’, one onlooker has revealed. Despite claims that they family had gone skiing during the week-long break, the duchess, along with her two eldest children, Prince George, five, and Princess Charlotte, three, actually slipped into a luxury Norfolk hotel complex – which the Mail is not naming for security reasons – on Tuesday afternoon.

Wearing a maroon swimsuit, she tried to blend in amongst relaxing couples but onlookers quickly spotted the family during their half-hour splash about. Kate, 37, apparently organised swimming races for the children and afterwards they practised little dives off the side. The royal trio then all went into the sauna and steam room.

One onlooker told the Mail: ‘Kate looked stunning. She had full make up one while she was in the pool. And she had drop pearl earrings and her engagement ring. ‘Her hair up in a butterfly type hair clip and looked extremely elegant.’ The royal fan said that both George and Charlotte were impeccably behaved. ‘The children were very well behaved and both were practising their diving from the side. Kate was organising little races for them and they did it around four or five times. She said “ready, steady go” and did a downward chopping action in the water to indicate the start of the race.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Has anyone ever seen Kate without a full face of makeup, damn. Why even wear makeup if you’re going to play in the pool with your kids? I know a lot of women wear makeup to the gym too, which always seems like such a waste of time and effort, but what do I know. But the bigger story here is that despite multiple reports of a quiet family ski holiday, Kate and the kids were in Norfolk. But where was William? Was he there in Norfolk too? Or did he go on a ski holiday with his dude-friends and it was predictably hushed up?

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