The former Radio 2 presenter made the revelation about Hugh Bonneville, one of the cast’s most recognisable faces. The presenter is known for his outspoken barbs and hilarious morning interviews. Chris bought up the fact that Hugh wasn’t on any of the bus promotion for the upcoming film.

He said: “By the way does anybody know how come Hugh Bonneville.

“Have you seen the Downton Abbey adverts on the side of the bus? Yes the Downton adverts.“

Vassos described the film as “the cinematic event of the year”.

Chris continued: “Yeah and have you seen the cast, the ensemble cast there.

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“They’re all on the side of the bus except for Hugh Bonneville. Why?”

Vassos responded: “I know. I thought he wasn’t in it.”

Interjecting, Chris claimed: “Well he is in it. And by the way he doesn’t get killed.

“That’s a spoiler for you. He’s definitely in it from the beginning to the end. He’s in most of the movie. Why is he not on the poster? Why is that then?”

He added: “There has to be a reason why he’s not on it. I wonder what, maybe you know he gets the veto.

“Maybe it’s not part of his deal. He doesn’t have to be in the PR posters and has ticked the box for no publicity, like a lottery winner.

“Maybe he’s also won the lottery with us just not knowing about that either!”

It comes after Chris claimed John Simm had been “fired” from the set of the new Games of Thrones prequel for delivering a spoiler of what era the programme will be based in.

John is set to star in the new show and revealed the pilot episode of the new show had been recorded.

During the interview, John tells the show that actresses Naomi Watts and Miranda Richardson are in the prequel.

And although John was sworn to secrecy on further details surrounding the show, he did drop a massive spoiler as to when the pilot episode is set.

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