Stuff I have bought from Amazon since the last time we talked (I know it’s only been two days, it’s for my job!) include that cooler bag from last Thursday, which is the perfect size and looks great (I haven’t used it yet), and a pop filter for my microphone because there was too much thudding from me in our last podcast. Last week I got a gel bike seat to bring with me to spin class, which my physical therapist recommended. It’s so nice! I talk about that below.

A slip-on bicycle gel seat for comfortable spin classes and bike rides
Frankly I was hurting from how much spinning I’ve been doing at a new gym. I thought that I needed to use anti-chafing cream and got this chamois cream which worked somewhat, but this seat made enough difference that I don’t need it. It feels so comfortable when you have to go up and down quickly. I just leave this in my car with my spin shoes so I don’t forget to bring it to class. It fits right over the existing seat and makes such a big difference in the ride. Plus it’s only $10! This has 2,400 reviews, 4.4 stars and a C from Fakespot but I’m vouching for it. People say it’s “extremely comfortable and cushiony” and that the other people in their spin classes are jealous. One person with a Peloton says it doesn’t fit right, but it fits my cheap Schwinn bike at home.

Very comfortable slip-on walking sneakers
So many of you were asking for shoes with support as you have plantar fasciitis (check out our conversation about that), arch problems or other issues with your feet. These slip on shoes by Konhill were among the top listings under “arch support shoes for women” on Amazon. They have 358 reviews, 4.5 stars and an A from Fakespot. They’re also very affordable with all varieties under $33. They come in sizes 4.5 to 13 and in 25 different colors. People call them “very comfortable,” “lightweight” and the “best, most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned!” I don’t know how supportive they are but a lot of people like them. Other highly rated support shoes are Asics Gel-Venture running shoes (I have these! Both Kaiser and I love Asics) and Skechers Work Women’s Sure Track which are not cute at all but women who work on their feet really appreciate them.

Bath bombs would make a nice gift for yourself or a friend
Antonym asked for bath bombs, which we’ve featured before. This was a tricky category as I check both Fakespot and the more recent reviews and almost all bath bomb reviews are mixed. So I’m going for affordability here. This is a set of 40 colorful individually wrapped 2.65 ounce bath bombs for just $34. It has 4.7 stars, 76 reviews and an A from Fakespot. You could give the entire set as a gift or break them up and give a couple inside a gift bag and keep some for yourself. These are said to “feel amazing on the skin,” to have “just the right mix of fragrances and moisturizer” and to be a “great value.” Here’s a 24 pack of 3.5 ounce organic bath bombs for $29. (That one has 4.5 stars, over 370 reviews and a B from Fakespot.)

Four-tier space-saving skirt hangers
Emmett wanted to find skirt hangers, which is something I need too. (I probably need to pare down my clothing. I just bought two skirts in the past week. They’re from Goodwill, it’s ok!) I already own skirt hangers similar to this. Depending on the material of the skirt you can usually fit two to a hook. You get 3 four-tier hangers for $20 or 6 for $40 so you may as well buy 3 first to see if you like them. These have 450 reviews, 4.6 stars and an A from Fakespot. People call them “perfect for space saving,” “sturdy and reliable” and great for boots and other uses too. I have had mine for probably 30 years, no joke. If you’re looking for something cheaper you can get 25 crystal plastic skirt hangers for $17. If you’re a fancy bitch with a big closet these wooden ones are really nice and come in three finishes. There are also velvet ones to match your other hangers (I use the velvet hangers they’re the best) in black, ivory, gray and burgundy. (All have over 4 stars and As from Fakespot, except the plastic hangers which have a C.)

A cat perch to create a cozy hangout spot
Nicegirl asked for a window cat hammock, which is something I would not have thought of as I don’t have pets. (I get to watch my friend’s border collie starting Friday though I can’t wait!) However I’ve just had a really nice time looking through photos of cats sleeping. The Kitty Cot attaches to your window with sturdy suction cups to create the ideal spot for your feline overlord. It has almost 1,500 reviews, 4.5 stars and a B from Fakespot. It comes in small, medium, large and deluxe along with a version designed to work with blinds/shades. You can put your own blanket or cat bed on it but cats seem to love it alone too. One pet owner said her cats “immediately gravitated towards it” and she had to buy two because they were fighting over it. Others say their cat spends every morning on it watching the birds and squirrels. The suction cups are said to hold well as long as you clean the window first.

Tiny packages of food from real brans
I just saw Chrissy Teigen playing with these on her Instagram stories and they’re adorable! My son is 14 so I’m not familiar with these Shopkins toys, which are dolls with giant heads and eyes. They have tiny versions of actual products and little grocery stores for them. Look how cute these are! One version has tiny Pop-tarts, Cheez-Its, Eggos and Pringles. The other has Froot Loops, Rice Krispie Treats and Manwich. I think my friend’s granddaughter needs these. They have fake brands too which are also cute.

Handcrafted earrings that look just like tiny food!
While searching for “tiny food” on Amazon I found these amazing handcrafted earrings and keychains! I love them so much. These incredible earrings are made from polymer clay by a woman in California, SK, who writes that she got into it after making food for her niece’s dolls. There are earrings that look tiny peanut butter and jelly (those are above) challah bread, tacos, avocado toast, sushi, a little cookie and a milk, Goldfish crackers, and ravioli. She also has little keychains which are similarly adorable. Everything is around $20 which is a real bargain. I want the salad earrings! She even has jelly beans and candy corn!

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