Anna Faris wants to be friends with Chrissy Teigen, and we’re totally here for this potential friendship!

It all started when Chrissy Teigen posted two videos of her and John Legend riding in an RV.

Chrissy posted on Instagram, “I had this amazing idea to rent an RV so we could sleep in our friend’s driveway with the kids and not go back and forth to a hotel, lugging all our baby crap. I’ve always wanted to do a cross-country trip but figured just heading upstate would be a good start! These two videos were taken 5 minutes apart.”

Well, Anna took to the comments of that post and wrote, “Chrissy-I know you don’t know me (we met briefly at the golden globes and I couldn’t talk cause you looked so beautiful) but can we be friends? I want to camp with you.”

Anna Faris‘ comment currently has over 4,000 likes – so it looks like lots of people want this friendship to happen, too!

See the comment exchange…