Alvin Kamara I Don’t Wanna Talk To Goddell … ‘Apology Won’t Do Nothing’

2/1/2019 8:18 AM PST


Saints sensation Alvin Kamara has ZERO interest in talking to NFL Commish Roger Goodell about how the team got JOBBED in the NFC Championship … because it won’t change a damn thing.

Earlier this week, Goodell held a press conference and said, “I’ve talked to Coach Payton. The team, the players, we understand the frustration they feel right now, and we certainly want to address that.”

Some interpreted Goodell’s statement to mean he talked directly with Saints players — even though the league office eventually walked it back and acknowledged Goodell had NOT. 

When we spoke with the Saints RB at the EA Sports Madden Bowl event in ATL on Thursday — he confirmed there was NEVER a meeting with Goodell and the players … but he has no desire to talk anyway. 

“I’m not gonna talk to him,” Kamara said … “Somebody gonna talk to him. He needs to talk to somebody.”

Does Kamara want an apology from Goodell for the terrible officiating that cost his team a shot at the Super Bowl? No. 

“Apology’s not gonna do nothing.”

Kamara says he hopes SOME good can come out of the controversy — he’s just not sure what it is or could be. 

The good news … Kamara says he plans on spending his offseason busting his ass training for 2019 to help the Saints make another run in the playoffs.