Thanks to everyone who texts me and comments on these posts as it helps me come up with ideas! I ordered the personal trimmer from last week (that was a request for something I needed too) and will report back after I use it. I also ordered those gorgeous bowls. This week we’re doing more random things along with some requests.

A cooling pillow to help you sleep like a baby
I got a really nice text from someone asking for a cooling pillow. This ventilated memory foam pillow has cooling gel built in for a good night’s sleep. It has 330 reviews, 4.3 stars and an A from Fakespot. People call it “the perfect firmness,” “the jackpot of comfort for my cervical spine and neck issues,” with “the perfect support and resilience I was looking for.” It does have a green tea scent, but most people say it’s very nice and light and not perfumey or chemical smelling. Runners up in this category, both with As from Fakespot, include this cool gel memory foam pillow for stomach and back sleepers and this similar pillow for side sleepers. Now I know that different pillows exist for side and back sleepers and I need to upgrade my pillow game.

A bestselling sports bra that’s so affordable
On our last Amazon post Call_me_al asked “What do you ladies recommend for an affordable sports bra for D cup that is comfortable and lifts? Bonus for cute.” I am an A cup and as Kaiser and I discussed on the podcast a few weeks ago I don’t even need a bra so I had to do some research for this. I do wear sports bras of course and I love the strappy flat kind as I don’t need support. This racerback sports bra by Fittin is the number one bestseller in sports bras. You get a four pack of different colors for just $28! It comes in sizes small for A and B cups to XXL which fits DD sizes. It does have padding which is easily removed. It’s got over 5,000 reviews, 4.3 stars and a B from Fakespot. Reviewers write “Finally a bra for big breasts,” call it “super comfy” and say it’s “a perfect fit.”

Unrefined shea butter that feels luxurious
After a recent spa treatment they gave me a little tub of pure shea butter and I thought “where have you been all my life?” It just melted into my skin and made it so soft and smooth. I want to use it every day now. You get a whopping pound of shea butter from Raw Apothecary for just $15. People rave about how great it makes their hair and skin feel. They write that it’s better than other shea butters, that friends “can tell the difference since I made the switch to this brand” and that it’s a “godsend” for eczema. It does have a slight scent which people seem to like.

Activated charcoal toothpaste that whitens naturally
This mint-flavored activated charcoal toothpaste with coconut oil is the number one bestseller on Amazon for toothpastes. It only has a C from Fakespot so I’m not wholly recommending it, but of course I want to try it now. I write these reviews and always convince myself I need the stuff. People say they notice a change in how white their teeth are after the first use, that it’s “fantastic” and not gritty like they expected. It doesn’t foam like commercial toothpaste, but is said to makes your teeth feel “super clean.”

A hypoallergenic mattress cover that protects from accidents
This vinyl free hypoallergenic mattress cover is the number 3 bestseller in home products on Amazon. It protects your mattress from spills and moisture along with dust mites and common allergens. It comes in twin to California king sizes, all under $35. It has over 36,000(!) reviews, a 4.3 star rating and an A from Fakespot. One person says she gave birth on it by accident and it held up! Another says it doesn’t make any sounds when you move on it, which is a definite concern with some mattress covers, and that “I honestly don’t even notice it and never have.” A cat owner says it holds up to her cats peeing on it and I just feel so bad for her now. I can’t imagine having your cat pee on the bed like that.

Velvet hangers to make your closet fancy
Are you still using mix and match hangers or plastic hangers? Stop it. Switch to thin velvet hangers and you’ll get an instant adult upgrade. I did it when I cleaned out my stuff (ok I just reorganized, I hoard clothes) and these type of hangers made all the difference. You get 30 thin velvet suit hangers for just $15.99, which is slightly over .50 a piece! These have over 6,000 reviews, 4.3 stars and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers say they’re a “great deal” and “grip even the slipperiest silk shirts.” You will want to buy the ivory color ones though and not the black as they’re said to shed. Here’s a link to the shirt hangers (without the bottom bar) which are also super affordable at less than $20 for a pack of 50.

A preseasoned cast iron skillet
Do I need a cast iron skillet? I know people love and swear by them, but they seem hard to care for since you can’t clean them with dish soap like a typical pan. This pre-seasoned cast iron skillet by Amazon Basics has over 400 reviews, 4.3 stars and an A from Fakespot. (A more popular skillet with 15k reviews has an F which is why I’m not recommending that one.) People call it “a must for the kitchen” that’s “easier to clean than any other cast iron skillet.” It is said to need additional seasoning and the 15 inch version is absolutely huge, so you’ll want to get the size that’s right for what you’re cooking.

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