21 Savage was shockingly arrested and is facing possible deportation after it was revealed he is actually from the UK. A lawyer speaks on what is next for the rapper.

Fans were shocked to learn that rapper Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage may not be from Atlanta at all. In fact, he may not even be American! The “Bank Account” rapper allegedly overstayed his visa, which expired in 2006, and he was arrested in a “targeted operation” in metro Atlanta on Feb. 3, ICE spokesman Bryan Cox said. Now, 21 Savage, whose real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, remains in ICE custody, facing deportation, and it’s unsure whether he’ll ever be allowed to reside in or even return to the US, again!

“Both non-immigrant and immigrant visa seekers (those who want to return temporarily or permanently) and who are highly talented, as Mr. Joseph, may be able to obtain a visa to return,” Attorney Carolina Antonini of Antonini and Cohen Law Firm in Atlanta, GA told HL EXCLUSIVELY. “However, any drug conviction other than single possession of marijuana, less than one ounce, would limit Mr. Joseph to return solely on a non-immigrant visa and assuming a waiver is granted. This non-immigrant waiver- which I call the “rock and roll waiver” is used by some artists (and others) who have problematic convictions and need to enter to do something significant here, such as, a musical tour.”

21’s arrest came as a huge shock to so many, especially as his fans believed he grew up on the streets of Atlanta. 21 Savage “had a “commitment to telling the stories of life in Atlanta’s Zone 6,” Billboard wrote last month after he scored his first No. 1 in December with the album I am greater than I was. “The East Atlanta rapper has been repping the neighborhood he grew up in, and rapping about the violence and pain that he’s encountered (and inflicted) since he first stepped into a recording booth.” The rapper’s lawyer Dina LaPolt, told the AP she has been working to get him out, as he is a “role model” to his young fans.